How many fingers do you use when you are typing? All ten or two of them? Do you often look at the keyboard while typing? Experts say certain parts of your brain get blocked searching for the keys on the keyboard rather than focussing on the quality of writing, when one types with some of the fingers and not all the ten. Bam! That’s a blocker to productivity.

But one doesn’t need to worry about it being a problem since there definitely is a solution for the same; TypingClub.

So, what exactly is the Typing Club? Let’s do a fact check. Here are some of the facts about the new age typing solution.

  • Free: There’s no free lunch; you might have heard for the zillionth time now. But hey! Like all the good things on earth, water and air, TypingClub is free and will be always till the end of time or the end of typing (LOL). There might come a day when one doesn’t require typing anymore. Until then TypingClub can help you learn typing for FREE.
  • Customizable: One of the many attributes that doesn’t need you to be an expert in Rocket Science to use the TypingClub platform is that, it is fully Customizable to your specific needs. Not learning it helps you learn but also, adapts to your pace and needs. The motive behind being putting you at ease. You can relax and learn and not feel it to be a Burden.
  • Fully Web Based: The platform is completely Web Based, which makes it easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Neither you need to download anything or have to bear the burden of having to carry an extra memory stick loaded with resources. You can get TypingClub wherever and whenever you want with only a browser and an internet connection.
  • Rating System: With TypingClub, you can keep practicing each lesson until you get a five star on the rating system. The rating system helps the students or the practitioner to keep track of his or her learnings and accordingly understand the level of effort he or she needs to provide to be able to successfully learn effecting typing i.e., Keyboarding.
  • Progress: TypingClub helps you mark your progress and save it under your name and credentials so that you don’t need to start all over again from the very beginning. You
  • can simply decide to stake a mandatory break amidst your learning schedules to unclog your brains and jump back into the lessons whenever you feel like learning an important skill to boost your productivity.

These are some of the many attributes of the learning platform that makes it the most user-friendly typing solution out there, available on the world wide web. TypingClub doesn’t want a single pie or buck from the jingle of your pockets. It’s mission so as to speak is just making this Earth, a Type friendly planet.

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