Not all kids are fond of outdoor games. So if your kid is glued to the phone or computer instead of running about the house, you should probably engage him in a healthier activity. How about helping your child learn a new skill? Also if your child is fond of games, he would be quick to learn.

Here are the typing games that kids can play to learn typing.

  1. Keyboard Climber 2

    So there is this monkey stuck at the bottom of the cave. Kids have to make the monkey jump by tapping on the letters that pop up on the screen. If they get it right, the monkey gets a banana bunch and if they get it wrong, a coconut falls on the monkey’s head and the game restarts. The game has no timer so kids can play at their own pace.

  2. KeyMan

    The game borrows its concept from Pac-Man. The KeyMan has to be moved through the maze to eat all the dots before the ghost catch him. The arrow keys are replaced by letters to navigate the

    KeyMan. And these letters keep changing each time. This game is so interesting that kids won’t realize that they aren’t just playing but improving their typing speed.

  3. Type-a-Balloon

    This game is all about typing a letter that appears on the balloon. Missing out one balloon costs you a life and points get deducted. This one is pretty good because your kiddo has to be very agile and fast so as to not lose.

  4. Dance Mat Typing

    This one is for the little beginners. The game helps them to familiarize with the keys. In the first level they get to know the HOME ROW. In the second level, they learn the positioning of other keys. In the third level, they learn how to capitalize letters, use Shift key and type Apostrophe, slash etc.

    The game introduces them to the positioning of the keys. Also this one is best if your kid has just started typing.

  5. Typing Ninja

    A substitution for Fruit Ninja, this game is great for kids. Kids have to type the letters they see on the fruit to cut it. If they slice a bomb, they lose one of the three lives. The modes and difficulty levels makes the game even more interesting.

These were only a few of what is out there. You can find many such games for your kids online. So the next time you want to keep them busy while you do your work, give them work to do too, but only in the form of games.

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