If you’re a beginner, you are probably wondering what can make you a better typist. Well, the answer is practice. Practice makes you perfect. And, once you’re done with the first step, the next thing to do is take the typing tests to evaluate your progress. This might seem like an easy thing but there is more to just hitting keys on a keyboard.

Some days you might feel weary but the only way to get there is by practice. Your scores will determine how professional you are. So you must target to reach the average score. Typing tests are available online. Some sites charge a minimal amount and some are absolutely free. So pick one of your choices. Prepare yourself well and hit the keys.

Here, you’ll find some quick methods to score good in your typing test.

  1. Relax. Yes, take a deep breath and keep your nerves cool. Then place your fingers on the right keys, that is, ASDF and JKL. This is called the HOME ROW.
  2. Avoid looking down at the keyboard. Sometimes it is not allowed to look down at the keyboard. Also not looking at the keyboard saves a lot of time. It is best to memorize the positioning of the keys before the test.
  3. Try taking free online tests before sitting for the actual test. This will help you get acquainted with the keys and build up your confidence.
  4. Keep practicing because it takes time to learn anything. Typing tests can tire you but with a lot practice you can manage to pass all the typing tests.
  5. Do not give up!

Typing tests are pretty helpful if you are willing to improve. These tests are very much like the other tests that you must prepare for and score well to develop a skill. It does take a lot of effort to sit through the test and then score good to meet the requirements to be called a good typist. Also if you are choosing typing as your means of earning, then you should probably start practicing right away. Because good things take time to happen. And typing is one such thing.

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