Typing is an essential skill that is a much needed requirement in a digital world. If you are working on a computer, there is no way you can avoid typing. That’s the first thing one has to learn and get better at if one is using a computer! In the digital world, along with other digital skills, one must also possess good typing skill. It is a skill that can be learnt over time, after taking a few baby steps. Everything takes time and typing is a skill that might take longer than you think to develop. But if you do it the right way, you can pick up the pace quite fast.

What matters after you develop the skill is how good you’re at it. How accurate and quick. Since most of the skills require a lot of practice, typing too has its own set of practice work to achieve the desired speed and accuracy.

If you are already sitting for typing tests, then you are halfway there. All you need to keep in mind is at what pace are you improving. Are you improving at all? If not it’s time you must know that only sitting for tests can fetch you no result if the scores don’t improve. The competition in the market is high. Employers are looking for people who are good typists. The question you must ask yourself now is “Am I one of the good typists?” If your answer is yes, then you’re in the safe zone. If the answer is no, you probably need to find the loopholes and fix them before it’s too late.

As a typist you should be aware of the typing speed stats. Only then you can judge yourself based on your scores.

The fastest typist in the world was a woman named Barbara Blackburn. Her typing speed was recorded to be 212 wpm. For a professional typist though this is way too much. A professional typist can type up to 50-70 words per minute. This is the average speed that is to be maintained for any typing job.

For beginners attaining this speed might be difficult but with the right amount of practice and perseverance, they can attain this speed. There are tests which enable new typists to keep a track of their scores. The average speed can be hard to maintain but most jobs demand good typing speed. Your score must be between 50-80 wpm to be considered for a job. The average score is the key determinant in evaluating your typing speed.

Not yet sure how to improve? No worries, take the tests. Again and again till your fingers get used to the keys. One fine day, you will be just as good as other professional typists out there. Just keep in mind the stats!

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