Be it any work, one always has to go for a computer at some point of time. Some time, it becomes necessary to do some typing work. For most people typing work is a mandatory affair. They are the ones who are likely to face difficulties if they aren’t used to typing. A good typist always makes sure he or she doesn’t stop trying to get better. Typing can get hectic when the work hours are long. But if the work demands, one has to stick to its requirements.

Here is the list of a few jobs which require good typing skills.

  1. Secretary and Receptionist

    The average speed requirement for this job is 65 wpm. Employers hire people who have a good typing speed so that they can take down dictation and information quickly on the computer.

  2. Legal and Administrative Assistant

    The average typing speed required here is 70 wpm. Legal work requires rigorous collection and taking down of information. So employers hire people who are quick and alert. So both your fingers and brain have to be engaged in this type of job.

  3. Medical Transcriptionist

    This is a difficult job. One has to be very accurate while preparing transcripts. A transcriptionist can’t afford to make mistakes while typing because the lives of patients depends on what they type.The average typing speed required for this job is 70 wpm.

  4. Data Entry

    Again accuracy with speed comes into play in this job. Employers prefer people who can type more in less time. The expected typing speed is between 60-80 wpm.

  5. Court Reporter

    This job demands incredibly fast typing speed. The typist has to type as the court proceedings go on thereby including every tiny detail. The speed requirement here is 225 wpm. Too fast, isn’t it? Court reporters have to undergo a different set of training to achieve such typing speed. Also they use stenotype machines which are different from the QWERTY keyboard.

Even though most jobs do not require typing skills, it is always better to have some skill handy. You never know what good it can do to you. Even if you do not pick up the speed, you can always learn so that you do not fumble with the keys. A skill always makes you marketable. Your work has a greater chance of getting recognized. And if it’s typing you’re already opening up doors to a plethora of opportunities. Typing skill won’t just help you at work; you can also find it handy for your personal use.

Also if you’re a newbie in this field, do not worry if your speed is less than the average. There is always room for improvement.

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